Education & Training : Education & Training has been a core service of the organization. The organization has been involved in a lot of Education & Training programmes since its inception in 2001. Most of the Education and Training programmes which have been in ICT were led by the founder and currently the Managing Director/CEO of the organization. Very soon other training programmes in Management & Leadership will be embarked upon. Do not hesitate to contact the organization whenever you are in need of any form of Education & Training including E-Learning. One may ask why E-Learning ? The following are some reasons:

  • E-Learning is convenient , you can undertake E-Learning (i.e. Distance Learning Education program) anywhere, anytime. You can still keep your job whilst learning.
  • E-Learning is economical , the cost involved in educating oneself is comparatively lower than the traditional system, since so many facilities like classroom, projectors are not in use.
  • E-Learning is as good as the traditional system, whereby you have to attend classes with your lecturer in a classroom.

Most of the Education & Training programmes have been in the following areas:

  • Networking & Internet (E-business, E-Commerce, E-education, .....etc)
  • Microsoft Office Application Programmes
  • Information Security Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Programmes in other Business Software

Please take a look at the list of courses at the link below:

» Courses

Please take a look at the MD & Founder's Information Security and E-Business book at the image below:

Price: US$12.00

Price : US$39.00 Price : US$39.00

For any enquiries, kindly send e-mail to info@timtechgh.net !!

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